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yaba methamphetamine

yaba methamphetamine, The Thai word for “Crazy medicine” is a tablet form of methamphetamine, a powerful stimulant.

These synthetically produced pills contain 25 to 35 mg of methamphetamine and 45 to 65 mg of caffine:

. Tablets , available in a variety of flavors (including grape, orange & vanilla) and colors (most commonly reddishorange or green). Various logos (Commonly “WY” or
“R”) adorn yaba tablets which are the size of the end of a drinking straw.

Yaba looks and tastes so much like candy that many young users underestimate its harmfulness
. Methamphetamine is also available in powder form which can be processed into a rock (“ice”) or liquid form.

Methods of Use :

oral ingestion and Tablets can also be crushed into a powder and either snorted or mixed with a liquid and injected.

In addition tablets can be heated on aluminium foil to produce a vapor which is then inhalted



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