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Remeron tablets Mirtazapine

Remeron tablets Mirtazapine

Special Populations

Following oral administration of REMERON (mirtazapine) Tablets 20 mg/day for 7 days to subjects of varying ages (range, 25–74), oral clearance of mirtazapine was reduced in the elderly compared to the younger subjects. The differences were most striking in males, with a 40% lower clearance in elderly males compared to younger males, while the clearance in elderly females was only 10% lower compared to younger females. Caution is indicated in administering REMERON to elderly patients (see PRECAUTIONS and DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION).


Safety and effectiveness of mirtazapine in the pediatric population have not been established


The mean elimination half-life of mirtazapine after oral administration ranges from approximately 20–40 hours across age and gender subgroups, with females of all ages exhibiting significantly longer elimination half-lives than males (mean half-life of 37 hours for females vs. 26 hours for males). when compared to normal subjects. Caution is indicated in administering REMERON to patients with compromised renal function

Renal Insufficiency

The disposition of mirtazapine was studied in patients with varying degrees of renal function.Elimination of mirtazapine is correlated with creatinine clearance. Total body clearance of mirtazapine was reduced approximately 30% in patients with moderate (Clcr = 11–39 mL/min/1.73 m2 ) and approximately 50% in patients with severe (Clcr = < 10 mL/min/1.73 m2 ) renal impairment

talking to your healthcare provider.

Stopping REMERON too quickly may cause potentially serious symptoms including:
 dizziness
 abnormal dreams
 agitation
 anxiety
 fatigue

 confusion

 headache

 shaking

 tingling sensation
 nausea, vomiting
 sweating

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