Humira Adalimumab 40 mg ( Trudexa )

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Humira Adalimumab 40 mg ( Trudexa )

Humira Adalimumab 40 mg ( Trudexa )


patients that had negative baseline ANA titers developed positive titers at week 24. Two patients out of 3046 In the rheumatoid arthritis controlled trials, 12% of
patients treated with HUMIR and 7% of treated with HUMIR developed clinical signs suggestive of  new-onset lupus-like syndrome. The patients therapy. No patients developed lupus nephritis or central nervous system symptoms. The impact of long-term treatment with HUMIR on the development of autoimmune diseases is unknown.


Find a clean, flat surface to place the supplies on.

alcohol swab
cotton ball or gauze pad (not included in your HUMIRA carton)
HUMIRA Pen (See Figure A)
Puncture-resistant sharps disposal container for HUMIRA Pen disposal (not included in your HUMIRA carton). See the “How should I dispose of the used HUMIRA Pen?” section at the end of this Instructions for Use

Do not use and do call your doctor or pharmacist if:

• you drop or crush your HUMIRA Pen.
• the seals on the top or bottom of the carton are broken or missing.
• the expiration date on the carton, dose tray, and Pen has passed.
• the HUMIRA Pen has been frozen or left in direct sunlight.
• HUMIRA has been kept at room temperature for longer than 14 days or HUMIRA has been stored above 77°F (25°C)


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