colospa retard 200 Mg Capsule

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price colospa retard

price colospa retard is  0.44 usd , It is also useful in preventing the contraction of gastrointestinal muscles.


How To Use The Drug:

The normal recommended dose for adults diagnosed with GI spasm tract and irritable bowel syndrome is 100 or 135 mg taken three times a day. Extended release tablets should be taken as 200 mg two times a day. The drug should be taken 20 minutes before the meal.

 Contraindications And Precautions:


You should not consume alcohol during the medication as it can cause intoxication and reactions. The drug can disturb your ability to think so you should be careful while driving a vehicle or indulging in any other activity that requires you to be conscious. The drug is contradicted in Patients suffering from paralytic ileus. You should consult the doctor if you tend to develop any allergic symptoms or in case you are using other drug including drugs used without prescription.

The safety of the medication if taken during pregnancy women has not been estimated. Therefore pregnant women should consult the doctor before start taking this drug.


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