Humatrope somatropin injection




Humatrope somatropin, rDNA Origin, for Injection

Humatrope somatropin 6 mg/ 12 mg/ 24 mg powder and solvent for solution for injection Somatropin

Do not use Humatrope

 and tell your doctor if you have an active tumour (cancer). Tumours must be inactive and you must have finished your anti-tumour treatment before you start your treatment with Humatrope.
 if you have already stopped growing and want to promote further growth in height (closed growth plates at the end of long bones). Your doctor will examine you to decide if you still
require Humatrope after your bones have stopped growing.
 if you are very ill and require intensive medical care for a serious heart or abdominal operation, being treated for multiple injuries from an accident, or require mechanical breathing treatment following acute lung failure.


Children and adolescents with:
 Growth hormone deficiency:
0.025–0.035 mg/kg body weight daily,
 Turner syndrome:
0.045–0.050 mg/kg body weight daily,
 Chronic problems with the way the kidneys work:
0.045–0.050 mg/kg body weight daily,
 Small for gestational age at birth:
0.035 mg/kg body weight daily. Treatment should be discontinued after the first year of
treatment if the growth rate is insufficient,
 SHOX gene deficiency:
0.045-0.050 mg/kg body weight daily.


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