Dalmane 30 mg (Flurazepam) capsules

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Dalmane 30 mg (Flurazepam) capsules

Dalmane 30 mg (Flurazepam) capsules  is available as capsules containing 15 mg or 30 mg 7 flurazepam hydrochloride.


PO (Adults): 15– 30 mg at bedtime. PO (Geriatric Patients or Debilitated Patients): 15 mg initially, may beq


● Assess sleep patterns before and periodically throughout therapy.
● Assess mental status (orientation, mood, behavior) and potential for abuse prior to administering medication.
● Prolonged use may lead to psychological or physical dependence. Restrict amount of drug available to patient, especially if patient is depressed, suicidal, or has a history of substance use disorder.
● Geri: Assess fall risk and institute prevention strategies.



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