bondormin 0.25 mg benzodiazepines

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bondormin 0.25 mg

bondormin 0.25 mg is a medicine which is intended for the treatment of insomnia. therapeutic group: benzodiazepines

Special warnings regarding the use of this medicine:

Do not use this medicine often or for prolonged periods without consulting your doctor.
Taking the medicine daily for several weeks may cause a decrease in its effectiveness.
Bondormin has a muscle-relaxing effect, which may increase the risks for falls. Use with caution in the elderly

Before treatment with Bondormin tell your doctor if you :

suffer or have suffered in the past from impaired function of the: respiratory system, liver. In such cases, your doctor may recommend a reduced dosage.
suffer or have suffered in the past from depression or suicidal thoughts.
are sensitive to any type of food or medicine.


Use of the medicine and food:

Take the medicine on an empty stomach.
Do not drink grapefruit juice during treatment.

Use of the medicine and alcohol consumption: Do not drink wines or alcoholic beverages during the treatment period with the medicine. Use of alcohol during treatment with Bondormin may cause, among other things, sedation, drowsiness and impair concentration.



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